Payment Options for Services at Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County

Payment Options at Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County

Because of the type of care we provide at Animal Emergency Clinic, our clients do not typically have an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship or payment history with us. Our fee policies are designed to help our customers understand the costs associated with the high quality of care we provide, and we make every effort to work with our clients within their budget.

Please note that all fees for services rendered are due and payable at the time of the animal’s discharge. We do not bill. All hospitalized patients will be given an estimate for services and a deposit is required.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Checks (approved by Electronic Check Transfer)
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • CareCredit

Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County is a privately owned business and does not receive any government subsidies. The clinic is supported solely by the income it generates. An emergency exam fee will be charged to all clients. This fee is necessary to meet the costs of maintaining an emergency clinic, which is open during weeknights, weekends, and on major holidays, when your regular veterinarian is unreachable. Any client may request an estimate at any time and may approve or decline the recommended diagnostic and treatment procedures as desired. Please understand that serious emergency conditions often require intensive testing and treatment, resulting in higher costs than the average visit to your regular veterinarian.