We Treat Ingestions & Poisonings of Dogs, Cats & Pocket Pets

Veterinary Ingestions & Poisoning Care From Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County

Keeping your pet out of harm’s way can be difficult when it comes to poisonings and ingestions. The average home is filled with and surrounded by a number of natural and chemical agents and products that can cause your pet serious harm—and most ingestions and poisonings are due to a pet’s natural curiosity and accidental exposures.

Act fast

In many cases, pet poisonings and ingestions go unnoticed. This is because pets sometimes show few signs of distress or injury until several days after the incident, which is why immediately calling your family veterinarian or an emergency veterinary hospital is critical upon witnessing, or even suspicion of, your pet ingesting anything foreign or poisonous.

Once a pet has ingested a poison or foreign body, fast action can often mean the difference between a full recovery and fatality. However, in some cases, even immediate veterinary care may not reverse the effects.

Commonly ingested poisons and toxins include:

  • Chocolate—Chocolate contains several compounds that are related to caffeine causing hyperexcitability, irritability, and even convulsions and death.
  • Nicotine or marijuana ingestion
  • Rodenticides—These poisons affect how your pet can clot its blood. Initial signs may be bruises on the skin or gums.
  • Medications—Some human medications can be very toxic to your pet due to size differences and how the drug is metabolized.

Treatment for pet poisonings and ingestions

At Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County, we take every measure possible to properly diagnose and treat ingestions and poisonings, including:

If you suspect your pet has ingested any foreign substance or object, seek professional help immediately. For a detailed list of human medications and cosmetics, cleaning products, people foods, and other common toxins to pets, please visit the ASPCA Poison Control website.