Pet Health Resources for Pet Emergencies

Pet Health Resources From Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County

At Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County, we are dedicated to providing area residents with the emergency veterinary resources they need to give their pets the best care possible. Please take a moment to explore all of our pet resources, including articles, tips, tools, and more, which were designed with your pet’s needs in mind.

  • Home care—Emergency prevention and proper general care for your pet begins at home. On our homecare page, you will find articles and tips on how to prevent and handle some of the most common pet emergencies we see in our clinic. Please remember that the information offered here is only a guide and does not replace the care and expertise of a professional veterinarian.
  • Recommended links—Looking for additional information on how to care for your pet during an emergency? Our recommended links are a great place to find valuable and up-to-date information regarding pet emergencies, as well as your dog or cat’s overall health and wellness.
  • Case of the month—Each month we will feature a different veterinary emergency case that we have seen in our clinic. We hope to highlight the unique and advanced ways in which we are able to provide our clients with emergency veterinary treatment.