Expert Emergency Services When Your Family Veterinarian Is Closed

Veterinary Emergency Services in Champaign County IL

Pet emergencies can happen at any time—even when your family veterinarian’s office is closed. This is why we offer full-service emergency and after-hours veterinary services, seven days a week, including major holidays. Our professional staff is specially trained and equipped to always handle even the most critical veterinary emergencies.

Our emergency veterinary services include:

  • Critical veterinary care—Time is of the essence when your pet is in need of emergency care. Our veterinary critical care services include immediate diagnostic solutions, as well as the development of a complete plan of treatment for your pet’s individual condition.
  • Veterinary laboratory diagnostics—Proper diagnosis of your pet’s emergency and critical care needs may require the completion of laboratory testing. At Animal Emergency Clinic, we are equipped for any diagnostics your pet may need, and all testing is conducted in-house.
  • Pet hospitalization—In many cases, pets require around-the-clock treatment and hospitalization. If this is the case for your pet, you can rest assured knowing that our facilities include housing for your pet while he or she recuperates, allowing us to provide him or her with the continuous care and monitoring needed to ensure a complete and speedy recovery.
  • Emergency veterinary surgery—Often in certain emergencies, the best method of treatment is surgery. No matter how minor or major your pet’s surgical needs may be, our veterinary team is prepared to serve them. In addition to our laboratory diagnostics and radiology (X-ray) and ultrasound services, our emergency surgeries can get your pet on the road to recovery.
  • Veterinary radiology (X-ray) & ultrasound—Through the use of imaging technology, we can more easily identify and treat your pet’s critical care needs. Our radiology and ultrasound services are an important part of our overall diagnostic and treatment plans.

For more information about any of the emergency veterinary services we provide, please contact us.