Hospitalization Services for Pets in Need of Round-the-Clock Critical Care

Veterinary Hospitalization Care With The Staff at Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County

At Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County, we offer elective hospitalization for pets in need of critical veterinary care. When adequate supervision cannot be provided at home, at a boarding facility, or by your family pet’s veterinarian, your pet is always welcome here.

While your pet is staying with us, you can rest assured knowing that they will receive around-the-clock attentive care and compassion. In addition, every pet will also receive the following:

  • An assigned veterinary technician to continuously monitor his or her health and well-being
  • Monitoring and assessment via daily rounds by veterinarians on staff who are in charge of your pet’s treatment plan
  • A well-balanced dietary plan based upon you pet’s specific medical needs

My pet needs to be hospitalized. Now what do I do?

We understand the difficulty and anxiety that being separated can cause for both you and your pet. In an effort to help you during this difficult period, please stay in touch with us. Our veterinary staff will remain in regular contact with you about your pet’s medical condition and needs. Responding in a timely manner to all calls and other inquiries will result in you remaining up to date on your pet’s health and will allow us to provide the care he or she needs as quickly as possible.

There is absolutely no place like home for your pet, but when an emergency happens, hospitalization may be the best place for your pet to receive the care he or she requires. At Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County, we are here when you need us.