Radiology & Ultrasound Technology Provide the Most Accurate Diagnostics Possible

Emergency Veterinary X-Rays & Ultrasound Services

Radiographs (also referred to as X-rays) and ultrasound are both powerful tools that we use in order to provide our patients with accurate, fast emergency veterinary care. When used separately or together, they provide us with valuable information regarding what is happening inside your dog or cat’s body during an emergency—without requiring us to use surgery or other invasive methods.

What do X-rays and ultrasound help diagnose?

By using the latest in advanced imaging technology, we are able to easily identify and treat a number of veterinary emergencies and injuries that include:

Emergency Veterinary X-Rays & Ultrasound Services

When your pet requires emergency care, there may be little, if any, time to send your pet’s X-rays and ultrasounds for outside evaluation. This is why all of our imaging is performed in-house. Our veterinary staff is trained in utilizing both of these diagnostic tools, as well as properly evaluating them. As a result, we are able to reduce our patients’ wait time while diagnosing and treating their illnesses faster.

When assessing your pet’s medical condition, we may use X-rays and ultrasound technology to gain an even more accurate picture of your pet’s internal health. Both are painless, require no entry into the body, and allow us to view your pet’s internal organs and cavities, which otherwise may be non-viewable or obstructed.